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Here are the instructions to make it easier for you to get started…

This is the first step. It is not easy but it works. The fast/cleansing protocol that
I’m providing you with is effective for three reasons:

1. This cleansing protocol conserves the body’s energy and directs it
toward healing. Most of America has a leaky and inflamed gastrointestinal
system, which allows food to cross the gut barrier. This drives
inflammation not only in the gut, but throughout the body.

2. This is responsible for many of the symptoms and diseases that we face today,
such as thyroid disorders and the inability to lose weight. The cleanse allows time for
the gut to heal through the absence of food and ingesting only SueroGold™.

3. SueroGold™, or Whey Water known as “healing water,” has a profound healing effect on three detoxification agents: the liver, the kidneys, and the gastrointestinal system.
It also provides the body with essential electrolytes needed to detox the cell.

The combination of these three benefits is what makes this fast so effective.


Days 1 – 3: Drink only SueroViv™ (SueroGold™), one half bottle every hour
(six bottles each day). We have found that SueroGold™ is even more incredible with stevia, a natural herbal sweetener. I like the English Toffee flavored liquid stevia by SweetLeaf – you can find it here: http://amzn.to/sweetleaftoffee

(Optional) Days 4 – 14: Add in plain Amasai™ with the SueroGold™. 2 – SueroGold™ and 3 Amasai™™ a day is a good amount of both but any combo is fine.

Days 15-30: Resume eating. To break the fast, start with softer foods like steamed vegetables, avocado, and/or Beyond Organic cheese. For breakfast, start your day with half of a bottle of plain Amasai™ with berries, hemp seeds, or chia seeds,and stevia to taste. The other half can be consumed at any time during your day. Also consume one SueroViv™per day.

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For the 3 Day Suero Cleanse you will only need 18 SueroViv™ – just click on the link above to order for the 3 day cleanse, but for the 30 day plan you will need 5 cases of the SueroGold™ and 8 packs of the Amasai™ . Remember this replaces your food so you are off setting much of this expense. When you break the fast the meat and cheese is fantastic. It is the cleanest and healthiest food on the planet.

What to expect:

It’s normal to have detox symptoms, especially in the first three days of the cleanse.
The symptoms usually consist of mild headache, digestive issues, and skin rashes or breakouts.

These are usually mild and disappear as the fast continues. You may also experience:

-An increase in energy and focus
-Weight loss
-An increased ability to adapt to stress
-Whiter, clearer eyes
-Improved digestion
-Less brain fog (more clarity)
-An overall greater sense of well-being

Remember this is Step 1 and will prepare your body for the cellular healing.

Still want more information? Here is a recording or Jordan Rubin discussing the 3 Day Suero Cleanse - Click Here

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